Sex after pregnancy

Sex drive…is it the drive or is it the sex that drives your sex life? What I mean is it the love of the sexual pleasures that drives you to sex or is it the actual drive it self? Most women experience low sex drive after pregnancy and that creates a problem in the relationship. I must say that I have not felt any of the problems with sex after pregnancy but I do feel that even though I want to be sexual and sexy with my husband just as mush as before I sometimes just feel to exhausted for sex. It can be on my mind all day and I can plan our evening in detail all in my head while my husband is at work and I even send him sexy text messages throughout the day but then when the evening comes and  I go to put my little one to sleep, more often than not I fall asleep next to her 😩!!!  How do you get more energy? So … I often wake up in the middle of night and get close to my husband and we make love ❤️ so I guess as a wife and as a woman what time it is when you make love to your husband is not relevant, it’s wanting each other bad enough to make it happen regardless of the time 😎😍


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